Don’t be pushed by your problems,
be led by your dreams.


— Ralph Waldo Emerson


#BearerOfHope #FireStarter

We invite aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own business or hit their first million, and even the struggling ones to sustain their business journey or recover from financial diffilcuties through our experienced-based learning and entrepeneurial adventure in real-life business platform with proven roadmap, plug and play tools and the culture of progress-driven coaching.

Inviting All Entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs in this post-quarantine period whether aspiring, struggling, or thriving are being challenged by this recent pandemic for an all-out-war. Many of us have lost so much cash, capital, confidence, and control of our businesses. But we can tap into our most powerful capital, the one that made us take the greatest risks of our lives, our conviction.

Why We Exist

Our mission is to uproot and destroy the spirit of poverty and sow the seed of hope and abundance, to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit, and engage our community in life-changing platforms. We delight in serving entrepreneurs in all stages of their journey: the aspiring, the struggling, and even the thriving ones.

In our quest for transforming people’s lives, we find value in cellular and consciousness regeneration of the person through our product, business and coaching platforms.


What We Believe

We embrace  the following as our core values: (1) the spirit of abundance, (2) sowing and reaping, (3) sharpening the axe, and (4) the cord of three strands. Our beliefs in these core values guide how we conduct our business practices.


Where We Are Going

This 2020 pandemic and its ensuing economic recession has embolden the entrepreneurial spirit within you and me that has been dormant and complacent prior to this global event. Confronting this uncertain and challenging new normal, we envision entrepreneurs to financially recover and help others achieve the same by tapping in their undaunted convictions through our multi-platform strategy.


How Do We Get There

We help courageous individuals to change their lives for the better through our platforms by means of (1) impartation of the spirit and discipline of abundance, (2) involvement in life-changing business platforms, and (3) investment in contantly growing their conviction, wisdom and experiences as entrepreneurs of impact and influence.


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